Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Post!

Er...I'm not the best at introductions, so I hope this intro post won't seem standoffish. (Can blogs be standoffish? Let's go with yes!)

I love love love working out...and I also love to EAT. I'm hoping to blog about both, although everyday details about the day job and side job (engineer slash freelance writer) and life in general are sure to be sprinkled throughout. 

I chose "spoonful of fitness" because I like doing a variety of sports to stay active. (Strict regimes are NOT for me! Sorry, P90X.) After several years as a competitive athlete and four-hour workouts four days a week, I realized I can't do predictable and long stretches of exercise; having a "must-do" checklist for every day killed my joy for the sport I did, so I quit. Some day, if I can figure some stuff out, I might go back...till then, lots of short bursts ("spoonfuls"!) of exercise and yummy food for me!



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